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    Creator Error Sequencing SAR


      Attached project using large # channels. Error calls out nothing connected to

      vdac_ref pin, but pin not show because that Vref option not selected.


      Regards, Dana.

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          I see the warning 'Analog Terminal 'vdac_ref' on ADC_SAR_SAQ_2_10 is unconnected', but not an error. Furthermore, the warning pops out irrespective to the number of ADC inputs selected (e.g. 8) - must be design glitch. The error, on the other hand, is related to the insufficient routing resources when number of inputs is 64 (48 compiles OK).


          tested with Creator v4.2

          Workspace15_err list_01.png

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            Thanks for the help.


            The max limit on the # allowed mux inputs is 64 in the tool. I tried using

            the largest I/O part I could find, would still not route. Then tried 58 as

            number, tool hung in routing, Atrl-Alt-Del to get out. On a quad core,

            8 GB RAM machine.


            Again thanks for the illumination on the problem.


            Regards, Dana.