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    Hibernate mode Problem.

      im working on psoc5 LP Cy8c5888LTI - LP097 controller, im trying to put it into Hibernate mode through command i used API CyPmSaveClocks(); CyPmHibernate(); my USB console stop working but my LED is still on. for wake up i use switch button with an interrupt . and in interrupt i reinitialize my USB and CyPmRestoreClocks(); and its working again. my main question is how to make sure that controller is in Hibernate Mode and why my LED is still on in that mode.
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          1: You can use an ammeter to measure the current consumption of the PSoC 5 device.

          2: the GPIO states are retained, so led is still ON.

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            Thanks for the reply.. Is my code will work in this mode?
            coz Im blinking the Led, I am using it as a heartbeat and call it in every 1 sec.
            when i type command for Hibernate mode my console stop works but my heartbeat is still blink in every 1 sec in a same way it was doing before..

            I did try as it was mentioned in hibernate code example which is present in Psoc Creator.
            any example will be so useful.

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              You can try to open a creator code eample, the example's name is "PowerManagement_Hibernate".

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                I already tried it and it is working fine now. and tried with watchdog interrupt also and it is working good with that too.


                I tried in my actual code with Rtos and USB uart but in that it is not working

                this is my function for hibernate:


                void Jump2Hibernate()







                    /* Switch to the Hibernate Mode */


                    /* Restore clocks' configuration */



                this is my function.. do I need to stop anything other interrupt too.