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    Emulated EEPROM 2.0 and PSoC 4 BLE


      It appears that since the 2.0 rewrite of the Emulated EEPROM component, it now supports PSoC 4 with BLE.  I'm trying to use this component in one of my projects and I'm running into an issue.


      I can read from the emulated EEPROM without issue, but when I try to write to it, I end up in the default interrupt handler, so something is clearly going wrong in the hardware.


      The CE195313 project works perfectly on my hardware, so it's not a board issue.  I've duplicated the code from the example and also made sure that my component and clock configurations match.  The only real difference that I can find is that because the example code is pretty small, the area of flash that gets allocated to the emulated EEPROM is pretty low in the address space (0x00001300), and in my project, which has a lot of code in it, it's pretty high (0x0001BC00).  I wouldn't expect this to make a difference, but maybe it does...?


      The documentation for this new rewritten component is unfortunately not very complete and not quite in English, so I don't have much to go on.  Does anyone have any insight?