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    CYW20719 ble maximum data throughput


      Hello Supporter, I want to test the ble maximum data throughput of CYW20719. How can I configure it in Wiced?  I have read that CYW20719 also support LE 2Mbps . How to enable LE 2 Mbps in Wiced ?  many thanks

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          The theoretical data rate is 2 Mbps, but this assumes that you are continuously transmitting, which is not how the protocol works. Data is packetized and transmitted/received in at most 251 byte packets every connection event in BT 5.0. However, there is some overhead at the application (GATT) layer and what you get is less number of bytes.


          BLE throughput depends on the Link Layer Payload size, which is decided by ATT MTU size. In WICED, by default, the ATT MTU size is 23 bytes, but you can configure it till max_mtu_size which is configured in wiced_bt_config.c in GATT configuration.

          To configure the ATT MTU size, use the function:

          wiced_bt_gatt_status_t wiced_bt_gatt_configure_mtu (uint16_t conn_id, uint16_t mtu);

          Check the file "/20719-B1_Bluetooth/include/20719/wiced_bt_gatt.h" for more details about the function.

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