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    CX3 24 bits GPIF implementation



      I'd like to have a code snippet for cx3 to place it correctly into gpif 24 bits mode.

      For now we have of course something like :

      apiRetStatus = CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad( CY_U3P_MIPICSI_BUS_24 , BUFFERSIZE);


      and a apiRetStatus value success as return.


      However I have a worry with a former call of

      apiRetStatus = CyU3PDeviceConfigureIOMatrix (&io_cfg);

      because in every example io_cfg.isDQ32Bit is defined as CyFalse.

      We define some gpios with it also and uart/i2c usage so this function has to be called either.


      Is this OK with CX3 that isDQ32Bit is set to false whereas we use the 24 bits gpif ? Cx3Rgb24AS0260 sample as something similar in it.


      In our firmware, we now have a correct behavior with a CY_U3P_MIPICS_BUS_16 configuration (format output 16 bits also). If we change to 24 bits with GPifLoad (and format output RGB888 24 bits also), it doesn't work anymore as if CX3 was still in gpif 16 bits configuration after the CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad call.


      Thank you for your help,

      Best Regards,