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    Demo app vs host app


      Hi I was hoping someone could clarify the difference between the Demo apps and the Host app that is included in the sample applications in WICED. I checked the README file but it just said the host app application communicates with  embedded HCI apps over the WICED HCI interface.


      If my CYW20719 application is supposed to be programmed into the CYW20719 SoC and run as a standalone program on the chip would I still need to do a host app? Thank you.

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          You are correct, if you want to do a standalone design you will not need the Host app.

          The Host app is an HCI interface library for applications where you do not want to use the Host Capabilities of the CYW20719, but just use the radio.


          Client Control is a PC application to send HCI commands.

          The files in the Common Folder can be ported to another MCU to enable HCI Host functions in that MCU.

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