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    CY8KIT-062-WiFi board, example project fails to build


      I'm trying to build the Voice Recorder for my CY8KIT-062-WiFi board, on a new PSoC 4.2 install under VMWare. It fails to find a generated file that is in the explorer, but it is looking for it in a temp path that does not exist.


      It is failing to open


      C:\Users\A Smith\AppData\Local\Temp\{ea274054-51ef-47e6-8b5f-a7e019741bb1}\cy_smif_memconfig.h


      The path


      C:\Users\A Smith\AppData\Local\Temp


      exists, but there is no {ea274054-51ef-47e6-8b5f-a7e019741bb1} folder in that path.


      I'm assuming this is an initial install configuration issue of some kind, but I can't seem to reconcile it. This is a new install of PSoC 4.2 under VMWare 10.1.3 running on a new MacBook pro. All the analog and digital and API generation proceed fine, and startup_psoc62_cm0plus.c compiles with no errors, but it fails to compile main_cm0p.c.


      Any ideas appreciated!



      Andrew Smith