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    PSoC 4 SMBus Master (one more time)


      This forum contains a number of discussions about using the PSoC I2C SCB to implement an SMBus MASTER interface, Unfortunately, I have seen several suggestions, but no definitive answer. The most significant requirement is adding "plug and play" support to allow the master to cleanly detect and handle spontaneous disconnection of the device while in the middle of a transaction. One response from Cypress (from 2015) suggested adding a timer monitoring the output lines, but provided no additional info. Another in the same thread suggested creating a new component.


      Can somebody provide me with a bit more detail on the recommended way to implement this timeout?


      I would also like to request that this option be added to the standard I2C SCB component.  There is an SMBus slave component so it seems reasonable to provide a standard implementation of an SMBus master.


      Thank you,