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    Can CX3 run with a 100MHz pixel clock



      I am configuring CX3 for a 1851 * 900 resolution with 60 Fps in RAW8 format.

      The details are shown in the image below.


      The pixel clock needed as per configuration is 100MHz but when i select this in tool it shows up an error even though the entered value and max value are the same.

      Could you please help me by confirming whether CX3 would work with a 100MHz pixel clock and the given configuration

      Another problem was when i changed the output data format to 24 Bits.

      Now the CSI clock is showing error stating it needs minimum 466Mhz and also the Pixel clock is showing errors.

      Correct me if i'm wrong but pixel clock actually needed in this case would be 100/3 = 33.3Mhz. But the tool is not accepting this value.


      Could you please verify these configurations.


      Thanks in advance.