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    PSoC5LP's AD Converter


      I want to use PSOC5LP-059 to capture a signal from a pressure sensor and display it with a four-digit 7-segment led, but I don't know how to use the AD converter. As for the specification, I want to be 0Mega Pascal with 0.8V input. Should the ad Converter select a 16-bit AD? If the sensitivity is too large, the display will not be fixed. The minimum value is 0.00 Mpascal. Please advice.

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          Method 1,

          (ADC value) - 0.8 = 0Mega Pascal

          I think that you should subtract 0.8 from the value output by ADC. Now you can set 0.8 to 0. However, I do not know if the voltage value and pressure are linearly linked.If not, you need to consider another way.

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            I see! That's a good way. The pressure and voltage values are linear. Though there is a problem of temperature drift.

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              Is correction of temperature drift necessary?

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                Yes, it is necessary. The predecessor seems to be doing the processing of averaging, but I do not understand it.

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                  I am sorry that I am not familiar for pressure sensor.

                  Is there a pressure sensor with temperature compensation?

                  (If it is a clock, TCXO is similar to this.)


                  There is also a method of connecting to the thermometer PSoC connected with I2C and compensating for temperature.

                  However, the system becomes complicated.

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                    PSoC is much more advanced than the PIC, and the major digital and analog circuit blocks.

                    C language API for control (Application Program Interface) is already built-in.

                    is provided as a function, so development proceeds very quickly.


                    However, it is hard to understand what kind of thing it is doing because the program is the one

                    that the predecessor made it to the middle.


                    I'd like to ask you one, when I try to build the C language, the result is an error like this:

                    Build error: undefined reference to `eep_user_get'

                    Build error: undefined reference to `write_1_blc_set'

                    Build error: undefined reference to `usrX_cnf'


                    It's not defined, but what can I do?

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                      Can you please post your complete project so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use

                      Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)

                      and attach the resulting file. This might speed up the diagnose.



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                        Hi Bob, nice to meet you.


                        My name is Tossiy(Toshiya Suzuki), and I am in charge of project development at Company

                        Taihei System Kogyo co.,ltd in Japan.

                        In fact, my predecessor (deceased) was to take over the project.

                        I have no experience in “C” because I am a hardware expert.

                        The program is the one that the predecessor made to the middle.


                        A small voltage from the pressure sensor is amplified by an instrumentation amplifier,

                        and it is entered into the PSoC5LP-059.

                        The point that I consider the problem is the following.

                        1.When I build the program, there are 22 errors. Most are undefined, but I don't know what to do with it.

                        2.The ad Converter uses adc_delsig_1, but I wants to set the pressure value 0Mega pascal to 0.8V to 0.85V.

                           I don't know how to set it up.Currently displaying 0.30Mpascal at 0.8V.

                        3.It switches the display every press of the switch (MODE), but it is not understood how to set it.


                        I'd like to have more advice from Bob.


                        Best regards






                        Taihei System Kogyo co., ltd.

                        Technical Development Division

                        Toshiya Suzuki

                        Phone 042-727-9151 Fax 042-727-9415

                        2-43-20, Nishinaruse, Machida, Tokyo 194-0046 Japan

                        〒194-0046 東京都町田市西成瀬2-43-20

                        E-mail : t.suzuki@taiheisystem.co.jp

                        URL : http://www.taiheiboeki.co.jp/

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                          Hi Bob,


                          How about after that?

                          Do you understand something?


                          Best regards,


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                            Hi Tossiy-san,


                            For projects uploaded to this thread, the problem seems to be solved.

                            Probably because you have written the correct function name in main.c

                            Regarding 7 segment display of pressure value.


                            What kind of help do you need for this thread right now?

                            If the problem is solved, could you choose the correct answer.

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                              Hi Yosi-san


                              I have not solved my problem yet.

                              Probably, I think that my C language is not recognized.

                              At present it is possible to display the pressure value at 7 seg, but I want to switch this display with the tact switch.

                              If you use switch ~ case ~ default syntax from others! I will advise, but I do not know how to write that description.

                              I do not understand the interrupt method.


                              Even if you upload to this page, specific advice has not been received.


                              How do you switch the display every time you press the tact switch?

                              I want an early reply and advice.