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    Wifi connectivity problem



      I have made a application on wiced studio version with murata device.


      In existing application ,I have up the device is in AP interface.it is working good. I can connect with this devices.

      I have moved my application to new sdk version 6.2 .Made minor changes to compile in new IDE. it's compiled.

      I can show its SSID in wifi scanning. but when I tried to connect with this,its showing obtaining IP address.but did not get IP address.


      Please suggest me its workaround.




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          Can you check if the answer in this post unable to obtain IP address via DHCP helps?

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            this is not useful in my case.

            I am doing device up as AP mode.

            as a AP ,I can see its SSID in my mobile.

            but when I try to connect with this SSID ,it is not joining. In mobile continuously showing obtaining IP address.

            actually it is not coming out from "aws_configure_device" function.

            refrence code path:




            Starting WICED vWiced_006.002.001.0002

            Platform MurataType1HD initialised

            Started ThreadX v5.8

            Initialising NetX_Duo v5.10_sp3

            Creating Packet pools

            Brickz_MAC_Addr: B0:72:BF:04:AE:73

            Lets start.......NEW



            OTA Status = 0

            OTA Update Error

            Lets start.......old



            OTA Status = 0

            OTA Update Error

              Please wait, connecting to network...

            DCT clearing start

            DCT clearing end


            Config SSID : WICED_AWS

            Password    : 12345678

            IP Address  :


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              Are you using a STATIC IP address or you are using an internal dhcp server?