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    CX3 configuration custom sensor for streaming UYVY data



      I have a CX3 RDK with OV5640 sensor.

      I can received the YUY2 format correctly and play on the e-cam by flashing the example firmware provided in SDK (cycx3_uvc_ov5640)


      I want to stream UVYV data provided by my own ISP.

      So I follow "EzUsbSuite_UG.pdf" to create my own project with customize configurations.

      I create my new project using "CX3 Configuration Project", key in the configuration parameters,

      and save the four auto generated source/header file : cyu3mipicsi.c, cycx3_uvcdscr.c, cycx3_uvc.h, cycx3_uvc.c

      Then I build it in release mode and flash it to CX3.

      But when I connect it to my device, e-CAM shows nothing but plain dark.


      I also tried to re-create the cycx3_uvc_ov5640 project by creating a new project with Pre-Defined Configuration yuv422_ov5640.cycx.

      And It works, the e-CAM tool could show the image frame.

      But when I create a new project with blank configuration, and key in all the parameters the same as yuv422_ov5640.cycx,

      e-CAM is dark again. 

      Is there an explanation of why this is happening?

      Like some function calls need to be coded myself instead of relying on auto generated codes?


      Or did I miss something while creating this streaming project?


      I'm using SDK version 1.3.4

      And the following graph is my config of streaming UYVY data.




      Thank you,