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    CYBLE222014-01 Reflow Soldering Issues


      Hello everybody,


      I'm trying to use the module CYBLE222014-01 in my PCBs.

      They are flexible PCBs, made with kapton substrate.


      We are encountering some problems with the reflow soldering process, the pcb changes size due to the heat and the module cannot stick to the pads properly.


      Are there any documents you know, which can explain the methods to solder this module?


      Does anybody already tried to solder it on a flex pcb?


      Thank you in advice!





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          Hello ,


               The rigid board not fit to solder onto flex PCB. The SMT yield rate will be an issue.


          If you still want to solder them onto flex PCB, below facts need to be considered.


          1. The flex PCB, there should be some strengthen board on the backside of soldering rigid PCB area. Its size should be bigger than the rigid board edge.
          2. The reflowing process, the flex board should be fixed (covered) by some reflow pallet(tooling).
          3. The depanelization process, the rib position should be not close to rigid board area (the space bigger than 5mm from strengthen board side to rib position).


          Although here we give these suggestion, we still do not recommend  to solder rigid board onto  flex board.



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            Thank you very much Gyan!

            I didn't knew that soldering a rigid pcb on a flex-one was so problematic.


            I will try in a different way!


            Thank you for your kind help!