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    WiFi and BLE are not working together (tags: link up, link down, BLE)


      Hello WICED forum,


      MichaelF_56 Thank a lot for helping me finding the option to post


      My project is almost at the end stage, at this time I got struck with the problem of WiFi and BLE are not working together when enable together.

      This is very unique selling point for this WiFi Combo devices and it is very annoyed that these are not working together.


      Below is the details of the problem:

      I'm using WICED Version: Wiced_006.002.001.0002. I enabled WiFi (STA) functionality and BLE (server, peripheral) functionality in my project. When the WiFi link goes down, the BLE connection also getting closed with my mobile.


      how to reproduce ?:

      - Enable both WiFi (STA) and BLE (server) interfaces in single project

      - Let WiFi connect to a network

      - At this moment the BLE is working fine, and I can able to connect to WICED board via my mobile with my custom applciaiton

      - Now we need to make the WiFi link down, I did this by switching off my WiFi modem

      - Surprisingly, the BLE connection also went down.

      - When I made the link Up by switching ON my WiFi modem, the BLE started to advertise and connected

      - In summary, I wanted to convey that when WiFi link down event occurs, then BLE connection will also be down.


      Quickly reproduce with the BLE_WiFi_Introducer example present in the WICED studio.

      - Just enable both WiFi and BLE stack as shown in the below snippet

      - Allow WiFi to connect to a network (it must then alone we can reproduce)

      - Make the WiFi link down, then BLE link will get disconnected.


      Things tried so far:

      - I tried to reinitialize the BLE stack when the WiFi link goes down, But not it is not working.

      - There is no log when BLE connection goes down when enabled BT_USE_TRACES macro



      Attachment: Shows the code to reproduce using BLE_WIFI_INTRODUCER example


      Please help me in resolving this