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    PSoC Creator and Miniprog 3 debug wrong file.


      All I could find on this problem is at: debugger starts in wrong code location but it didn't help at all.


      I have a PSoC Creator 4.2 project using the CY8C5888AXI-LP096 debugging using the Miniprog 3 on a 10-pin header.  I know it works because I have ran bits of test code.


      The problem is that I have created subfolders in the Header Files and Source Files folders and imported 'c' and 'h' files from another directory outside the project.  This seems to screw it up entirely.


      It compiles and links OK and connects to the debugger but instead of waiting to start at the beginning of main() in main.c, it jumps to some odd but consistent point in one of the external files.  Just to avoid doubt, the external file is not called main.c, and the bogus entry point is in the middle of a function that is not called main().


      I found this before in another project where it would indeed go to the start of main() but in the wrong main.c file!  It was finding one from another project.  I got round that by adding . (this directory) to the top of the search paths.  However that trick isn't working in this project.


      I have managed to get it to work by moving the bogus-entry point file from the new Source Files sub-folder to the Source Files root folder and it's OK.  The files remaining in the sub-folder don't trouble it at all.


      So I can work with it but does anyone know what it's all about?