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    use of SL811HST as Slave

      We want to use above IC as slave interfaced with a uC. Actual query is : Let us take example of Get_Decsriptor (Device) sent by Host to SL811HST.  This transfer has 3 transactions , each with 3 packets. So, total no. of packets.= 9 as shown below.

      Host                                           Device

      Set-UP Transaction:

                    ----Set_UP ---->

                     --- Data0 ----->

                     <---- ACK ----

      IN Transaction :

                     -----IN --->



      OUT transaction :





      1.  Does SL811HST  interrupt flag of endpoint occurs after every packet ?

      2.  Is it required to set ARM bit in slave mode also ?

      3.  After receiving SET_UP packet, what is maximum duration during which the upload data must be in endpoint buffer .