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    S25FL064L SFDP table - Erase times

      I have problems reconstructing the maximum erase times from the SFDP data of the S25FL064L. In the current data sheet (Rev E) on page 117 in Table 40 you can find the "JEDEC Basic Flash Parameter Dword-10" which contains the erase time data for the chip. I have verified that I can read the four bytes listed in the column "Data": 0xEE009231 This data does not match the explanation in the column "Description". The description is for the DWord 0xFF0D9231 as listed at the bottom in the box.

      I need to know the maximum erase time for the Erase Sector Type 3 instruction. Necessary for this is:

      - The Sector Type 3 Erase time count, which seems to calculate to 1  for the 0xEE009231 DWord (Bits 22:18 are all zero, zero+1=1)

      - The Sector Type 3 Erase time unit, which is 1 ms (Bits 24:23 are zero, which means 1ms time base)

      - The Multiplier from typical to maximum, which calculates to 4 (bits 3:0 are 0001, which translates to a multiplier of 4)

      As a result I get 4 ms as the maximum erase time for the Sector Type 3 Erase, which is much too low compared to the data sheet.


      Did I miss something?