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    Cannot flash a brand new CYBT-343026-EVAL


      Hi all,


      I have recently acquired 3 CYBT-343026-EVAL kits. I have tried to flash all three evaluation kits without any sucess.


      I have strictly follow the following programming guide:


      Programming an EZ-BT WICED Module – KBA223428  (including the ref document Platform Files for CYBT-343026-EVAL – KBA221025 )


      I am programming using the v6.2 of the WICED Studio and I've got the following error:


      If I follow the first todo list, only the red D3 led will remain on.


      If I follow the second todo list, both the red D3 and green D2 will flash.


      In both cases I will get the above error. I've got the same for all 3 kits. They all 3 are new unflashed out from the box.


      Any help most welcome