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    Pin config import/export (Netlist support)






      I would say one of the most common mistakes when designing PCBA's is that you realize some pin was swapped or couldn't be assigned to the wanted peripheral. Usually something you find out the hard way once the board is already fabbed, writing the first bring-up software.



      Feature request:

      I think a really cool feature of Modus would be to support a 2-way import/export of "Netlists".

      Basically allow to drive the system design either from the EDA software and/or from Modus itself.

      - export/import: name, port/pin, locked

      - validation output, i.e. in case a wanted destination/mux is impossible



      We use Altium, so the workflow would most likely be that you create the wires and net-names there, BTN_PLAY, UART_TX_TO_XYZ, I2C_A_SDA, etc...

      ...then you'd

      - export this as a standard netlist (or script in altium to provide a .json / simplified human readable format)

      - modus imports this and populates the Pins tree with the pin names and pin-assignment coming from altium

      - modus could then show that I2C_A_SCL wasn't doable on that port/pin..

      - you change it to another free pin in modus, export back into altium making that pin-swap.



      This is also extremely useful the other way around, designing let's say some more complex peripheral in Modus

      - config PDL's, assign pin-names, make sure it builds...

      - export -> import in EDA-software/Altium to assign those net-names to the corresponding pins of the PSoC6 symbol





      A feature like this must be able to modify the modus project on the fly, while it's running. Either triggered via a UX-button + command-line for automated CI test-setups.