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    The working mechanics about control center/streamer and firmware when data transmitted to FPGA or other device



            I am using Cypress USB 3.0(CYUSB3KIT-003,CYUSB3ACC-005 kit) as slave fifo to connect with FPGA board.

            Till now, I have successfully made data received from FPGA on USB control center. But When running BULK OUT, that is, sending data from USB to FPGA, FPGA failed to received the data.

            The related results showned below.

            Figure-1 show Streamer failed to transfered data. Figure-2 show FPGA trigger signal flagc_IBUF and flagd_IBUF always remaid 0, that is, flagc and flagd signals were not be sent from firmware.

            Can you help us figure out the reason? We all appeciate you support.