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    WICED Wi-Fi  IoT Example Projects: Remote Weather Station, Bee-Keeping, and more!


      Hello Problem Solvers!


      I'm Matthew, a Product Marketing Engineer here at Cypress. In my last quarter of grad school at Santa Clara University this past spring, I took an Internet of Things course that was co-developed with Cypress where my peers and I were tasked with building an IoT System using a WICED Wi-Fi CYW43907 Evaluation Kit (CYW943907AEVAL1F; Purchase at this Digi-Key Buy Link OR Mouser Buy Link) and other sensors, actuators, or any other components needed to address the particular application.


      I wanted to share these with you all so that you can get a WICED Wi-Fi Kit and replicate the projects, or build your own! See attached zip files for information about the projects (technical paper and presentation), as well as all source code needed to get started. Credit for the projects goes to the students who created them, names are in the presentation slides. Also credit to SCU Professor BeDe_2507241  for a very informative and innovative course on the IoT.



      Remote IoT Weather Sensor Station

      Project Description: Smart homes, agriculture, and horticulture applications greatly benefit from IoT services to intelligently automate things such as turning blinds to control temperature, or controlling sprinklers to run during certain temperature and humidity levels. However, the sensor data needed to satisfy all of these applications is not always readily available. The Remote IoT Weather Sensor Station provides a solution to this problem. This project streams weather sensor data from multiple IoT devices to a remote MQTT broker, which forwards the data to web clients where the data is visualized.




      Smart Home Intelligent Temperature Control

      Project Description: The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained traction in recent years as a term to describe the connection of non-traditional devices, such as factory machinery, medical equipment or domestic appliances, to the Internet. Smart Homes minimizes user’s intervention in monitoring home settings and controlling home appliances. This project presents an approach to the development of Smart Home applications by integrating  a Cypress Wi-Fi Kit with an accelerometer, ATTiny85, and temperature control with a thermistor.




      Bee-Keeping - Frame Level Hive Control

      Project Description: One sector of agriculture that could greatly benefit from IoT is beekeeping and honey production. Is there some way to save a harvester’s time, energy, and money when producing honey? Could their resources be used elsewhere to more efficiently harvest the honey? This project presents the current state-of-the-art technologies, such as Cypress WICED Wi-Fi, that utilize embedded systems in the IoT environment to produce honey.




      Wireless Media Controller Based on User Movement

      Project Description:

      Recently, companies have started developing applications for smart phone control, but this technology is still in its early stages. This project attempts to simplify the experience of a user watching video media. This is a proof of concept using Cypress' WICED Wi-Fi examining the orientation of the user and determine whether or not they are standing or sitting in order to play the media while the user is sitting, and pause when they stand up and walk away. To validate this prototype, the Cypress WICED Wi-Fi Kit is used in a simple environment along with some sensors, where the user is watching a video using a Roku device.