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    IIC work and HEX file can't program EEPROM


      Hello, Cypress expert,


      I have a question about the EZ-USB FX2. I am using uVision Toolchain C51 compiler/Assembler Kit Version:

      after compile, it generates a hex file. I run "HEX2BIX -IR -M 16384 -F 0xC2 -O Scan_BD_FW.iic Scan_BD_FW.hex" to convert it to iic format,


      this iic file works fine with cyconsole. but if I use the hex file write to microchip 24lc128. the system not work.

      so I have to use Cyconsole to load the iic file to this eeprom. and use the eeprom programmer to read the master chip file out. then load this file to the chip.


      I don't understand why the Hex file can't be used directly to load the EEprom. is there any trick? do we need to setup some special parameter of the eeprom programmer to make it work.




      David Sun