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    Bluetooth Module CYBLE-222014-01and Mobile Application

      Hi Sir/Madam,


      Good Evening.

      We have SERI watch with part number CYBLE-222014-01 of the Bluetooth module is from Cypress.


      I would like to develop the mobile application for both Android and iOS version which is working with watch via bluetooth.

      From this url http://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/cysmart-mobile-app, I found out that the IDE version is very outdated and both source code has a lot of errors with current updated IDE version.


      May I know is there has updated source code for both Android and iOS platform?

      For iOS version, May I know is there has source code written with Swift language?


      Since I am newbie to cypress, please let's me know if there has any recommendation to develop the application with watch which using Bluetooth module part number CYBLE-222014-01.

      Thanks in advance.




      Yin Yin