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    Going beyond Debug and Release for Build configurations.


      I've requested the ability to create more than the Debug and Release build configurations available for a future release of PSoC Creator.

      This gives me the ability to make new configurations with different conditional compiles for:

      • creating sub-variants of a product.
      • "white-box" testing stubs.
      • special "black-box" test stubs.
      • special debugging code versions.
      • more options yet to be conceived.


      As an alternate recommendation which might be easier to implement, I recommend the following layered approach:

      • Allow for the creation of a "new" project that inherits ALL the objects in a specific project already created in the same Workspace (linked not copied).  Objects can be Schematics,  Design-wide resources, headers, and source files.  Only build files are assumed to be managed per project.  However and the initial creation of this inherited project, the build files are copied to inherit all build parameters at first.  This allows for different build parameters including defines for conditional compiles.
      • A build of an inherited project will build with the design files linked from the original project UNLESS a replacement file  (of the same name) is inserted in the inherited project directory.  This includes headers, sources, design-wide resources and Schematics.
      • Anyone with good feedback to add here?


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          I've done something like that using Git branches.  For example, I've got a dev kit target build and a "real hardware" target build with some test ports, pin moves, etc.  I have a branch for devkit and a branch for production, then checkout the version I want to use.  Creator handles it pretty gracefully, I was afraid that it wouldn't like the background switcheroo but it's fine.


          I agree, it would be really spiffy to have that in Creator.  Modus will probably let you do this with ease and simplicity but that's a different thing.

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            JoHu_1258451 ,


            Thanks for the suggestion.   I use Git as well.   It's an interesting use of branches.

            I am concerned that in the branching mentality, it can get to easily unmanageable to keep common code modules (and/or Schematic and DWR as well)  synchronized across branches when changes are required.    In maturing code and adding features, changes WILL be required.


            This is why I'm looking for inherent IDE support of multiple build configurations.  Microsoft's Visual Studio environment has provided this for many versions ago.