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    Multiple definitions of component

      I have a flag on PSOC Creator 4.2 that there are multiple definitions of components.  I searched, the only answered question I could find was for a revision of PSOC Creator that is no longer relevant - the option does not exist as explained.  I tried to remove the old definition under Tools>Options>Design Entry>Component Security but it had no immediate effect and after restarting the old value had reappeared.



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          I suppose you are getting error message in yellow color like this "There are multiple definitions of this component version in your project dependencies list"



          It means:

          #1 You had done component update of  components in some previous version of PSoC Creator for eg lets say PSoC Creator4.1 . This will download the component version to location

          $Documents\PSoC Creator\4.1\Downloads ( 4.1).cylib

          #2 The PSoC Creator 4.2 already have this particular component in the package.


          So this led to the situation that your system have two of same component. This should not be an issue, I believe your project is building fine.

          The yellow color is only informing that you have copy of same component which one it will be using.


          If you really want to remove the yellow highlight, you have below option.

          #1 Right click Project

          #2 Select Dependencies

          #3 De-Select Downloads ( 4.1) , both Components and Code

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            Thanks for the full and complete answer.