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    6LoWPAN enable?

      Hi, now I use BCM20737S and WICED SDK 2.2. I know the bluetooth 4.2(6LoWPAN/IPv6) great news, check the WICED SDK libraries and 6LoWPAN specifications, but still 6LoWPAN implementation is not yet included in WICED maybe. I tried to connect BCM20737S to Linux(3.18.3 kernel is already including the 6lowpan) by using bluez, but rejected from linux 6lowpan at L2CAP packet flow control layer. And Nordic is already release nRF51 IoT SDK(IPv6 over Bluetooth), can connect the same Linux in my case.

      I think maybe 6LoWPAN is not yet included in, and When 6LoWPAN ready on WICED? Anyone know?