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    How to implement a usb host private class on CYW943907

      There is a USB device that does not belong to any public classes (such as HID、CDC..).

      The USB device has been tested successfully through the libusb library in linux(PC).Just read and write usb endpoint will be ok.


      Now I need use CYW943907AEVAL1F to control the USB device.

      But I found that only a few common classes have been implemented in wiced

      and a series of function like _ux_host_stack* are provided in ux_host_stack.h.

      I would like to refer to the example of STORAGE and HID, but only binary, no source code is provided.

      I don't know how to use these functions, nor am I familiar with the USB protocol.


      So, if anyone could share with me some examples or useful documents, I would be very grateful .


      thank you