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    read modify write current advertisement packet?


      I have been reading on how to change the advertising packet at runtime.  My goal is to change the "manufacturer data" so that a unique device name will be shown during scanning of the peripheral.


      It seems the way to do this is to call the below function. 


      Is there a simple way to get the current advertisement packet, so that I can simply modify the "manufacturer data" in the packet?  Or do I have to first see what the advertisement packet is through the ble module configuration through the schematic, hardcode the data that I do not want to update, then call the update function?


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          You can use Cy_BLE_GAPP_UpdateAdvScanData() during advertising is on. Before calling this function, you need do below steps:

          1)define the data array of new advertising packet by yourself -- advdata. You can get the array in BLE_config.c (-- cy_ble_discoveryData), by setting in BLE customizer accordingly.

          2)pass the array address to target struct to be configured:

          cy_ble_configPtr- >discoveryModeInfo[CY_BLE_PERIPHERAL_CONFIGURATION_0_INDEX].advData = &advdata