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    CYPD3120 dp dongle solution sample with PSoC Creator 4.2?




      I'm trying to use the CYPD3120-40LQXI_dp_dongle example from the SDK 3.0.1 but it does not seem to work with PSoC Creator 4.2.

      PSoCC does create the sample project and then prompts to upgrade its components (update log attached). After component update project does build but fails to link complaining about missing interrupt vectors. I had to modify the samples linker script cm0gcc.ld (attached) little to enable linking.


      Now I've the firmware built but I cannot flash it. EZ-PD Configuration Utility cannot read the firmware file and shows error dialog  'Loading configuration failed' and logs "Error: CYACD file doesnt contain configuration". I've verified that the firmware file indeed contains bytes of the configuration block so it looks like EZ-PD and flash tools are expecting different kind of firmware format/layout.


      Any idea what might be wrong? I've never worked with Cypress PD products or toolchains before so it's still just guesswork for me.