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    USB Configuration



      Using the PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit, I'm seeing a difference in USBUART behavior from Creator 3.3 to 4.2. With 3.3 the USBUART would initialize ok if the USB cable was already connected and then power applied. With 4.2, the USB is unrecognized by the Windows system until it is unplugged and replugged. Also with 3.3, you could develop code and the USB would disconnect and reconnect after the PSoC was programmed with the new version. I've looked at everything I can think of in terms of how the USBUART is configured. I'm using the device for manufacturing and it isn't feasible to require personnel to unplug and re-plug the USB cable.  I can keep looking at the code but it's pretty much voodoo at this point not being able to find something definitively different.



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          Hello Nick,


          Is it possible for you to provide us with Creator3.3 & Creator4.2 based  projects.

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            Yes, here are both projects. The SPI_Board project is in Creator 4.2, the other LaserGen02 is a Creator 3.3 project. I noticed when I click on the data sheets that the one in 4.2 is USBFS 3.2 and the one in Creator 3.3 is USBFS 3.0. There is the only difference I can find.

            The problem is enumeration. If the USB cable is already connected when I apply power to the PSoC 5 Kit, the system puts up a message saying that the USB device is unknown. I then disconnect and reconnect and it works. Also, with the debugger attached, each time I program the part, the USB disconnects, then reconnects as unknown. These are not problems in Creator 3.3 with the USBFS 3.0.

            I am using Windows 7.



            Turns out there was an LED sequence that was cut in from the original test program written by the EE. The USBUART was initialized then timed out. This happened during the initialization routine that runs before the main loop. The solution was to shorten the times the LED light show runs and to move the USBUART to the end of the initialization routine.