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    EZI2C_SetBuffer1 and EZI2C_SetAddress1 must be called after EZI2C_Start?



      I set up a PSoC 3 with an EZI2C module following the various examples available.  I was able to read from it right away, but was unable to write to it, no matter what settings I changed on PSoC or the Raspberry Pi I'm using as master.  After hitting my head against the bench for a couple days and leaving it alone for the weekend I finally got the idea today to try calling EZI2C_SetBuffer1 after EZI2C_Start.  It worked!  It appears that EZI2C_SetAddress1 has the same restriction--it has to be called after EZI2C_Start to actually change the address. 


      Should I have known about this for some reason?  Why do the examples call these functions before EZI2C_Start?  I'm posting both to get answers after being frustrated about this, and with the hopes that I save others the same frustration . . .