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    BLE gas sensor

      Hi I am using a CY8CKit-bl487 development board and want to get a gas reading on a ble android app how do I set this up in psoc creator as it’s a analog signal and can’t see a characteristic in the Bluetooth settings?

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          Please refer the attached example project in which the data is send from the PSoC BLE kit to CySmart Android app. In this project, you can use any serial terminal (Tera-term/Putty) to send the data to PSoC BLE and from BLE kit to CySmart Android App through BLE communication (From Serial Terminal-> PSoC BLE kit -> CySmart). In the CySmart App when you Enable the notification you can see the data whenever if you write data in the Tera-term.


          Please refer the document Creating a BLE Custom Profile for more information on creating custom profile.



          P Yugandhar.