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    WICED Smart Sensor Tag Notification Format

      Good morning,


      I am building an i586 Linux application component that utilizes the Bluez stack to operate as a GATT client.  The application currently scans/parses LE advertisements, creates an L2CAP channel to the target peripheral (CID 4), and writes a specified value to the CCC (in this case handle 0x002b) to enable notifications.


      The notifications I receive (from WICED Smart Sensor Tag red keyfob device running firmware version 1.3) after writing to the CCC are formatted as a string of paired hex chars (which I assume are bytes) from handle 0x002a. 


      Sample output:

      1) 0b ff ff a8 ff 0a 00 85 0a b1 02 4e 1c 90 0a cd fb 5e fa

      2) 34 ea 00 cc 24 01 01


      Which I am reading into an uint_8 array as (if I am not making a mistake converting):

      1) 11 255 255 168 255 10 0 133 10 177 2 78 28 144 10 205 251 94 250

      2) 52 234 0 204 36 1 1


      Where can I find details on how to convert these values into meaningful sensor readings?  When pairing with the tag on an Android/iOS device, for instance I get a floating point number for temperature, some gauge widgets for accel/gyro, etc.  I can consult the datasheets for each specific sensor device, but I am unclear on even which values are associated with which sensor, or if header/length values may also be present.


      Thanks for your help,