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    CY5670 Source Code and Central Discovery Process


      Where can I access the source code for the CY5670 project?  In PSoC4 BLE Central Custom Profile w/LED & CapSense - IoT Expert Alan outlines the process to create a Central with custom services, and he uses the import function on the BLE component to preload all of the services and characteristics from the peripheral to the central project.


      Instead of doing this, is there an example that shows the PSoC4 Central using the discovery process to populate all of this data instead?  I figured the CY5670 project may be useful since that essentially does this process?


      What would the tradeoffs between these two approaches be?  The one worry is that the copying come peripheral to central component will not be as robust, as a small change in the peripheral could break functionality if the central is also not fully updated.  Vs. a central firmware that discovers and adjusts to the services and characteristics that are available.  This seems like a bit more scale able way to do it.