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    FX3S Mass Storage Device USB 3.0 Drivers



      We are trying to develope a USB 3.0 compatible mass strorage device using CYUSB3035 FX3S.


      We need drivers for windows, linux and mac.


      We were expecting at least "CyUsb3.sys"  will work however we could not succeed to use this driver

      and we suspect it won't be possible. There is a note in the "Cypress CyUsb3 sys Programmers Reference Guide.pdf"

      saying that


      "...The driver is general-purpose, understanding primitive USB commands, but not implementing higher-level,

      USB device-class specific commands. For this reason, the driver is not capable, for instance, of interfacing a

      USB mass storage class device to the Windows file system...."


      Please clarify. Where can we get CYUSB3035 FX3S USB 3.0 drivers for windows, linux and mac?


      Thank you.