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    BCM20737S missing UART bytes




      We are using BCM20737S to communicate with another chip using the UART.

      We are having this problem where once in a while the received messages are incomplete. It is common that

      the middle part of the UART message is missing. It has been verified that the other side is sending the correct message

      and that it sends 16 bytes a time until the FIFO is empty.

      The only thing that makes sense at this point is that the BLE is not handling the received data right. We are suspecting that

      the uart callback is called with a significant delay and thus we have missing bytes.

      We don't see any specific patterns, most of the time it works fine until for a small hiccup that would drop bytes and then continue normally.

      Do you think that what I am describing makes sense? I have disabled sleep and using lpm_queriable etc.

      Also, if that's true is there another way to handle the UART data?


      Thank you,