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    Wave Generation from two VDAC Using DMA



      I'd like to generate a sine and cosine wave from VDAC. I followed the example project using DMA for a VDAC to generate a sine wave. It worked.

      When I make a second VDAC with DMA to generate a cosine wave, I have a bunch of error, most related with connection for clock and resource limit - the max number of CTDAC exceeded.


      I followed several ways to generate multiple waves. Those are for old version of PSOC so didn't work.


      Q1) Why can the clock not be shared to two VDAC12?

      Q2) Can VDAC12 be used only once in PSOC6?

      Q3) Eventually, how can I generate multiple sine and cosine waves from PSOC6?


      I attached my designe with errors.