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    BTW API, Reading DeviceName UUID16??


        We have developed a PC application using the BTW API's and dll's included in the WIDCOMM stack to create our own custom DLL.  We have everything working except for ONE item which really should be rather simple.  It is to merely read the GATT Database UUID16 characteristic that stores the 'DeviceName'.  This is simple to do in Mobile apps but we have failed to get this working with using the BTW API's.  The specific UUID16 value we are trying to read is the UUID_CHARACTERISTIC_DEVICE_NAME which is 0x2A00 value.  Can someone please give us a simple example of how to read this UUID16 using the BTW API's.  The API we have currently been trying to us is the BtwGattReadCharacteristic().  Hopefully there is something simple we are missing.


      Some questions:

      1) Using the BtwGattReadCharacteristic.  What are the values we should be using for the pGuidService and dwServiceInstance(typically 0)?  Or another way to ask this is the UUID_CHARACTERISTIC_DEVICE_NAME in the SERVICE_GATT or the SERVICE_GAP??? 


      It is interesting to note that none of the SDK BTW examples actually read the DeviceName they always just report the actual BT Address which in an App for a user it is much easier to associate with a user chosen DeviceName.




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          Frank, if you look at any of the samples in the SDK you will notice that characteristic with UUID_CHARACTERISTIC_DEVICE_NAME is in the service with uuid UUID_SERVICE_GAP.  You will just need to convert those to GUIDs and call BtwGattReadCharacteristic.  There should be samples for that when addressing Client Configuration Descriptor.