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    PSoC 4000 family series Microcontroller - CY8C4014FNI-421



      I am trying to use a microcontroller that is as small in size as possible to fit along with a miniature camera that has it's own set of registers (to be programmed using CY8C4014FNI-421A), on a single board. It will be great if someone could advise me on the smallest possible microcontroller that I can get. I searched in Cypress Website and it seems like CY8C4014FNI-421 is obsolete and CY8C4014FNI-421A is in production. So I chose to use CY8C4014FNI-421A for setting up the camera registers. But my concern is with the CY8CKIT-042 PSoC 4 Pioneer kit. I have one that I bought recently for the I2C communication. I am not sure whether I can program a PSoC 4000 series microcontroller (CY8C4014FNI-421A) with the PSoC 4200 pioneer kit. I wanted to use the 4000 series microcontroller as it is much smaller than any other family series.


      Please kindly advise me on this concern as soon as possible since I am currently working on a high priority project that requires this microcontroller for testing purpose.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Nandhini Jayapandian

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          Firmware of KIT-42 can be good reference for PSoC4000 devices, but in many cases, it can NOT be ported to PSoC4000 devices directly.

          On KIT-042, the target device is a PSoC4200 series device. Many peripherals and core features of PSoC4000 and PSoC4200 are different. But it doesn't mean the code can not ported at all. It may requires more points to care than using KIT-040.

          If possible, you can order a KIT-040, the target device on this kit is PSoC4000, except pins assignment, the code can be ported to CY8C4014FNI-421 directly.