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    Read a fix rawcount value if CapSense sensor more than 8

      Hello, there


      I have a CapSense project using CY8C4025AXI-S412 to calculate absolute capacitances value from the raw counts. When I set the total number of sensor more than 8, the raw count reading from the RAM always gives a fixed value.


      Here is the function where I read the raw counts, and I put all the sensors under button0 widget, even I split the sensors into two widgets, still read a fixed value when I set the total sensor more than 8.


      void ProcessAllSensors(sensor_data* p_sensor_data)
          interruptState = CyEnterCriticalSection();
                  for(uint8 snsId = CSD_BUTTON0_SNS0_ID; snsId < CSD_TOTAL_SENSORS; snsId++)
                  p_sensor_data[snsId].rawCounts = CSD_dsRam.snsList.button0[snsId].raw[0];
                  p_sensor_data[snsId].capacitance = CalculateCapacitance(p_sensor_data[snsId].rawCounts);
          /* Enable interrupts for servicing ISR */


      When I adapt all project into the CY8CKIT-048 kit and keep all the settings and code the same, it works fine with CY8C4A45LQI-483.


      My question is what difference between  CY8C4A45LQI-483 and CY8C4025AXI-S412 cause this issue?

      How can I exceed the total number of sensor more than 8 on CY8C4025AXI-S412?


      Here I have attached a small test project for that issue tracking.