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    Prototype development for CY8CMBR3106S-LQXI



      I have a prototype board with a CY8CMBR3106S-LQXI that I am trying to configure. I have two dev boards, CY3280-MBR3 and CY8CKIT-145 (see attachment for image).


      First, can I use the CY3280-MBR3 with EZ-click to configure the registers for my prototype? What jumpers do I connect to and how do I make EZ-click recognize my new device? (I think this option is simpler than option two, but let me know).


      Second, if the CY3280-MBR3 cannot configure my board, can the CY8CKIT-145 be used? The board can be separated at the J4 header pins and the I2C header J6 I thought could be used for configuring. Gong this route, I assume I have to use PSoC Creator. I can connect to the 4000s using single wire, but it does not switch to I2C in port settings (see Capture1). Let me know if EZ-Click or PSoC is the correct software to be using for configuring the CY8CMBR3106S-LQXI and which dev kit.