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    NAND S34ML01G2 stays busy after issuing page read


      I am using S34ML01G1 NAND flash memory to store data. I am able to read from the NAND flash from any address only once. That is, when I repeat the same function of reading data from another address, the NAND remains in busy state(verified by reading status register, status ID 5,6 = 0).

      The first address issued was: 0x00000000, that is the very first page of the first block.

      The second address issued was: 0x00060000, that is the page address = 6.


      Here, the data from the first address is read out properly, but when the same function is used for the second time to read out the data, the NAND remains busy.

      Note: this happens in any address issued for the second time.


      What am I doing wrong here? Is there any other command that has to be issued apart from 0x30h?