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    Democode for PSoC6  BLE central reading value from custom service




      my PSoC 6 acts  as a central, connects with a peripheral and try to read its data (array with 20 byte)



      cy_stc_ble_gattc_read_req_t   myVal;

      printf("Start reading\n\r");




      myVal.connHandle = cy_ble_connHandle[0];


      while(Cy_BLE_GATTC_ReadCharacteristicValue(&myVal ) != CY_BLE_SUCCESS);

          printf("BLE GATTC read success\n\r");


      This works without error, but where is the data?

      How to connect my empty array with the result of Cy_BLE_GATTC_ReadCharacteristicValue() ?


      I found only one Example for an PSoC6 Central which writes data to an peripheral.


      Do you have a democode for using this function ?


      Thanks for help!

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          Hello Peter,


          After calling the function Cy_BLE_GATTC_ReadCharacteristicValue()  Internally, Read Request is sent to the peer GATT Server. If the read operation is successful, GATT Server sends a Read Response. This response results in CY_BLE_EVT_GATTC_READ_RSP event at GATT Client's end. This event indicates that the 'Read Response' is received from GATT Server device. The event parameter is a pointer to a structure of type cy_stc_ble_gattc_read_rsp_param_t where we can get the actual value.


          struct cy_stc_ble_gattc_read_rsp_param_t.

          Read response parameter type received from server. 

          Data fields:

             cy_stc_ble_gatt_value_t    value

                                          Attribute Value.

            cy_stc_ble_conn_handle_t connHandle

                                        Connection handle.




          P Yugandhar.