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    Cypress driver for CYUSBS234 kit does not remove COM port when USB disconnected


      If I open the USB Serial COM port in my terminal program and disconnect the USB, the USB Serial Port device will remain in the Windows Device Manager and the terminal program will not have any indication that the device is disconnected.  If I close the terminal program, then the USB Serial Port is removed from Device Manager.  This only happens with the Cypress driver.  I am using version  If I change the VID to some unrecognized value in Windows and let it load the default Windows driver, I don't see this problem.  Once I disconnect USB, the port is gone from Device Manager and my terminal program shows an error.  I am using Windows 10 64-bit.  Does anyone know why this happens?  I prefer the behavior of the Windows driver.  Can I change something on the CYUSBS234 config or Cypress driver to make it behave like the Windows driver?