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    cy8c4247lqi I2C interrupt and datasheet



      I'm working on a CY8C4247, and this is the first time I use a Cypress microcontroller.

      I'm trying to set up a I2C communication where my micro is the slave. I have found only examples where the interrupt aren't used (the code use polling).


      I need to have the code as faster as possible, so I have enabled the interrupt, but as explained on your application note the callback is triggered every time one of the several I2C event happen.

      I want to be able to understand which event triggered the interrupt, so I need to know more about the I2C registers.


      I have tried to find a complete datasheet, but I have found only a brief datasheet (around 50 pages without register description).

      Is it possible to find the information I need about the I2C somewhere ? Can someone send me the link for a complete datasheet and an example of code that use the I2C interrupt, if it exist ?



      Thank you