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    CyUSB Suite for Linux ver 1.0.4

      I had use CyUSB Suite for Linux SDK on Ti J6 platform. I used the sample code which sdk provided, named "cyisowrite_sample.c". there is a callback function on the top in this sample code. After pocket transfered, it should be print out some message like succeed or fail. But it didn't show anything, i even can't make sure the callback function was executing.

      1. Is anything wrong on this sample code?

      2. Is any sample code describes iso read/write in the same file? not separate like cyisowrite_sample.c and cyisoread_sample.c.





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          Hello Jacky,


          Please define the entire callback function in the same file of your project where you are carrying out the Isochronous transfer. You could refer to <Install Directory>\cyusb_linux_1.0.4\cyusb_linux_1.0.4\gui_src for an example project files. You could add both the IN and OUT transfers in the same file along with the callback functions and test it out.


          Best Regards,