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    how to write paras to internal flash for MB95F636K ?

      For MB95F636K. How to write data to internal flash for power failure preservation by user custom C program´╝č


      in fact ,i want to keep some device paras in the internal flash.  i have not eeprom in my board.


      i only want to erase some part of SA2, how to do?  if i erase all of SA2, maybe my code will be erase.


      I want to confirm whether I can only erase the region once. 0x1000-0x17FF or 0x1800-0x1FFF or 0x8000-0xFFFF


      anybody can give me some help??

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          MB95F636 is dual flash memory type, it has upper bank (32KB) and lower bank (2x2K). The data of parameters can store into lower bank (0x1000~0x1FFF).You can get all the flash operation commands from CHAPTER 25 DUAL OPERATION FLASH MEMORY of MCU hardware manual document.


          We also have 8FX simulate eeprom lib, it is very easy to implement this function.

          Please contact with the local FAE/SALES to sign the NDA to get it.