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    PSoC 4 CapSense 5.2 Tuner Bridge Issue




      I have recently updated a PSoC4000s CapSense project from Creator 4.0/ CapSense P4 v3.1 to Creator 4.2 / CapSense P4 v5.2.


      In the process I noticed that the Creator  Tuner v5.2 "sense tuner" does not connect to my MiniProg3. I Get "Bridge Status: Disconnected"


      When I press Connect, I Get: "There was an error reading data from the device"


      I have triple checked the EZI2C settings vs the Tuner Com Settings and they are correct. I can use the older Creator 4.0 tuner and it connects right away.


      I am a bit stumped, wondering if this is a bug?