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    wifi test commands




      We just started working on CYW43438 .

      Is there any API interface in WICED SDK ,for which python script  can be written to test wifi.




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          You could use the wl utility present in the SDK to test the wifi device. The following documentation could help you in setting up the console for testing out the wl commands. /43xxx_Wi-Fi/doc/WICED-MFG202-R.pdf

          could help you in setting testing the device. More on WL utility and commands associated with it can be found in the following link. WL Tool for Embedded 802.11 Systems: CYW43xx Technical Information .

          Scripts to do wlan testing could also be found here in the following directory : /43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/test/wl_tool/scripts/


          I have also attached a python script to issue wl commands from script to the utility.

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