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    build errors on deleted TopDesign objects


      Hi folks!

      This seems like a bug - but I'm hoping that I'm just overlooking something obvious.  I seem to keep stepping in the same hole and can't get out.


      In PSoC Creator (v4.2, but has happened on earlier versions, too) I'll get build errors that refer to schematic objects that I've deleted and can no longer see on the schematic.  Often, it seems that I'll exceed the Resource limits (often UDB related) at the same time that I get an error for a missing Clock connection (for example).  Then, I'll delete the schematic object with the offending missing clock.  But, the same error remains.


      A Clean and Build doesn't correct it.  Neither does close and reopen the project.

      I end up selectively cut/pasting the parts that I want into another project to continue.  If I <ctrl-a> Select All to copy, it will copy the offending object that I can no longer see, which I obviously don't want in another project.

      But that is getting too burdensome on big projects where I'm at the edge of resource constraints all the time.


      I've attached an example project to demonstrate what happens.


      Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks!